Preschool Program

preschool_scheduleOur Preschool Program is based on thematic units that adhere to the whole language approach to learning. Each week a different and exciting theme will be explored cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically. The children will develop an understanding for the theme and able to relate facts, terms and principles based on that theme. This type of curriculum is unique as it allows the children the freedom to acquire knowledge at their own pace and expand their foundations with new information. Specific goals include the acquisition of social skills to enhance their interactions with their peers and adults, acquiring physical progress that will be perfected with age and acquiring experiences that will be the foundation for processing future information in an understanding way.

Biweekly, each child’s developmental progress will be recorded in the Developmental Log. This Log will move with the child from room to room, thus creating a developmental history for each child that may be used by the staff to gain insight into the child.

A typical Preschool Program daily schedule is shown.